Covid, Conte sees the heads of delegation. Among the hypotheses the early closure of the premises at 24 and the stop at the stop in front of the premises

The meeting of the majority delegation heads with Prime Minister Giuseppe lasted more than three hours at Palazzo Chigi Conte. Meeting that precedes the crucial summit tomorrow between the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the Scientific Technical Committee to put on the table new restrictive measures that must be the heart of the new Dpcm which should be launched by 15 October. But the launch could also be brought forward to Monday.

To try to curb the surge in infections, today a new peak has been reached, apart from (for now) the total lockdown, no provision is excluded a priori: from the curfew for the premises starting from 24 to the ban on the sale of alcohol after a certain time, at the off-limits stop standing outside them; from extending smart working to reducing the percentage of passengers on public transport, to stopping travel between regions, everything is theoretically possible. Limits are likely to trigger first of all for public events and private parties, including weddings and baptisms, up to funerals. The maximum number of participants could be set at 30 people. In Sardinia, the Region has decided to open sports arenas for up to 700 people (similar measures have already been adopted elsewhere), but in the new Decree the non-surpassing threshold of 200 spectators could return. Another topical issue is public transport: 80 percent of the capacity, much higher than what is indicated by the CTS, could be reduced.

Among other things, the government is considering the hypothesis of a strong recommendation for masks to be worn even in homes if in the presence of non-cohabitants, in addition to the ban on private parties and the confirmation of the limitation of attendance at conferences and public events indoors. (maximum one thousand people outdoors if allowed by the conditions). An exception to these limitations could be possible for some theaters, such as La Scala in Milan and San Carlo in Naples, with a percentage of capacity compared to the already indicated number of maximum 200 spectators. Amateur contact sport would also be prohibited.

According to government sources, all the people who were supposed to be present last night attended the meeting this afternoon. Some physically, others in connection. Yesterday’s meeting had been postponed because Teresa Bellanova, Italia Viva, was on her way to Puglia and had proposed to be replaced by Maria Elena Boschi or Ettore Rosato. With a side of discontent and controversy on the part of the Renzians, Minister Francesco Boccia and Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Riccardo Fraccaro also participated face to face.


Virus, surge in infections: stop standing in front of the premises

“We must have the strength to take charge of this new phase immediately – says Speranza -. We have a small advantage over other countries but we must not be under any illusions and if we are quick to understand that there is a phase change we can avoid measures. more drastic. But in the coming months we have to grit our teeth. “


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