Covid, Celentano to young people: “At 82, I tell you that piling up is mass madness”

Adriano Celentano in an image from a few years ago

On social media, the attack on deniers: “Dodge their colossal bullshit.” And a thank you: “Thank goodness there are doctors”

MILAN. Adriano Celentano publishes today on his Instagram and Facebook pages «The non-existent», a video text aimed at those young people who do not respect the rules on social distancing and, where we read, once again thanks the doctors for holding us by the hand until to here. «Hey guys… I think it’s time to get a move on! I address myself above all to young people. Those young people who are young only physically, but otherwise: they are too old for my character … you must excuse me – continues Celentano – but it is something I have always thought since I was physically young like you … today I am 82 years and you, for my age, should carry me in your arms and caress me as you do with small children … because only by caressing me, you will be able to avoid the colossal bullshit that the deniers say and I am not referring only to those who criminally deny the Jewish extermination perpetrated by Nazism and much less referring to the medical-television debates. Luckily there are doctors, if they weren’t there to hold us by the hand in this dramatic crossing, we would be even more stranded than those… those young people ».

The accusation is clear: “So the real deniers are” those young people “who without a mask, to exhibit a show of strength, to say the least senseless, you gather in dangerous piles without a minimum of distance, breathing on you whatever … and Do you call this courage? No. This is pure mass madness. Of course we must not panic, as doctors rightly say, we must leave the house and socialize, do not stop studying, work, do everything as if the virus did not exist, because if the economy collapses, we will not die only of viruses , but also of hunger ».

And here is the conclusion: «So we have a goal to reach. Perhaps the most important in history. Because it will be that of victory. And we know the way to win: we must comply 100% with the rules indicated by the World Health Organization. We absolutely have to do it. Otherwise… you guys pile up… you have no idea what might happen to us. But I trust you! ».


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