Daughter: Roseanne Barr forced me to survive in the wilderness | gossip

entertainment">The now 45-year-old claims that when she was 15, a group of men suddenly showed up at her home in Los Angeles, and she was handcuffed and taken to an education camp in the state of Utah. There she would have had to survive on peanuts, raisins and beans. She says that at one point she helped another ‘resident’ of the camp skin a squirrel, and was given the beast’s leg as a thank you. Pentland also claims to have been beaten by one of the employees of the educational institute.

entertainment">Pentland writes that her mother had her admitted regularly from the age of thirteen. According to her daughter, Barr mainly had problems with Pentland being too fat. Comedian Tom Arnold, who was married to Barr from 1990 to 1994, is said to have collaborated on her recordings in various institutions.

entertainment">According to The New York Post Barr’s side of the story is not addressed in the book.


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