COVID-19: Madrid will take more drastic measures with selective containment

The measures, which include restrictions on mobility, are very likely to affect neighborhoods in the south of the city with a strong presence of the working class, where the contagion rates of the virus have been steadily increasing since August, the deputy councilor for the city said today. Regional health, Antonio Zapatero, at a press conference.

The official explained that, although the situation in the Madrid region is one of sustained growth in the level of infections, it is necessary to anticipate and consider “all kinds of measures”.

Next weekend, the measures will be detailed, aiming to lower the curve of the number of infected people, because there is a “relaxation” in the behavior of citizens that “cannot be allowed”.

Zapatero clarified that “technically” one should not speak of confinement, but stressed that, given the epidemiological situation in the region, the authorities must “take a step forward in the line of selective confinement in the areas of greatest incidence”.

On the other hand, the entry into force of the new measures will be immediate, “it can be on Sunday or on Monday”.

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