Could Jamie Dimon be the Savior of Wall Street in the 2024 Presidential Election?

In search of the providential man: faced with the duel announced Joe Biden-Donald Trump for the presidential election of 2024, part of America is looking for an escape. Nearly 55% of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s action and don’t want Donald Trump, according to the benchmark site Fivethirtyeight. Wall Street billionaires also resolutely reject the ex-president, 76, since the failed coup of January 6, 2021 with the assault on Capitol Hill. But they also don’t want Joe Biden, 80, accused of being too old and too hostile to big groups.

So, eighteen months before the deadline, the big bosses dream of finding one of their own to take up the gauntlet. THE Wall Street Journal recounted on Tuesday, May 30, how wealthy financiers gathered in northern New York over the weekend for a “carnivorous ball”, a reception where meat in all its forms is celebrated, in the invitation of David Cote, former CEO of Honeywell. In the conversations, a leitmotif: “Everyone hopes for a miracle. Nobody wants Biden, nobody wants Trump. » During the weekend, the name of Jamie Dimon was mentioned. Aged 67, the CEO of JPMorgan had assured in 2018 that he could beat Trump, but had announced to his shareholders that he intended to remain in his post.

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However, Mr. Dimon launched a trial balloon during an interview granted Wednesday, May 31 to Bloomberg Television, from Shanghai where he was visiting. Certainly, he again explained that there was no question of leaving his job. “I love what I do”he said, adding that JPMorgan, the world’s largest bank, was doing “a great job helping Americans, helping countries around the world. “. However, Mr. Dimon slipped in a little sentence that did not go unnoticed: “I love my country, and maybe one day I will serve it in another way. »

“Biden’s weakness paves the way for an underdog”

Some want to believe it, such as the financier Bill Ackman, 57, founder of Pershing Capital and with 3.5 billion dollars (about 3.25 billion euros). “We need an exemplary leader in business and finance. Jamie Dimon is that leader. And clearly he’s thinking about competing.”, wrote Ackman on Wednesday (May 31) on Twitter. The financier posted a lengthy tweet in which he slams Joe Biden. “The president is extremely weak and in cognitive decline; 70% of Democrats don’t want him running. Biden’s weakness paves the way for a qualified underdog to run as a Democrat. Jamie can beat Biden in the primaries and Donald Trump in the general election… He will easily raise billions of dollars from Democrats and Republicans. »

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