Santa Barbara House Municipal Elections 2021: 1,007 Citizens Called to the Polls

In Santa Barbara House they are called to the polls 1,007 citizens to elect this Sunday, May 28, the municipal corporation. Huelva Information will bring you closer to the municipal elections with a wide deployment throughout the province. Starting at 8:00 p.m., when the polling stations close, the results will be progressively updated as the counting progresses.

In the 2019 Municipal Elections, the PSOE achieved six councilors, reaching the Mayor’s Office Leonardo Romero, running for re-election. IXH, for its part, obtained three councilors.

A total of 281 applications The councilors of the 80 municipalities of the province of Huelva, including the capital, and the two ELA (La Redondela and Tharsis) are disputed on Sunday, May 28, which represents a slightly lower figure compared to the 2019 elections, in the 291 were counted.

As published in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP), the 80 municipalities of the province have more than one candidacy, since both PSOE and PP have presented mayors in all of them and the two ELA (La Redondela and Tharsis).

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