Possible Strike on Military Facility in Kyiv, Ukraine: Rescue Operation Underway

There may have been as many as a hundred military and civilian personnel in the shelter, as ambulances and helicopters ferried survivors

Residents of Kyiv reported a possible strike on a military facility located on Rybalsky Island, as a result of which one of the key control centers could be hit. According to unconfirmed information, with the beginning of the air attack, the personnel of this center went down to the bomb shelter.

However, according to these sources, the Russian Aerospace Forces may have used a penetrating missile capable of penetrating a building and foundation and then detonating, destroying the cover, the foreign agencies wrote.

It is estimated that there may have been up to a hundred military and civilian personnel in the refuge, including about twenty foreign military personnel from the US and Britain, who were in contact with the Center and similar Western headquarters. A rescue operation was immediately launched, but the results of its operation are not yet known.

According to the duty unit of the Kyiv Emergency Service, more than ten cars were sent to the scene of the accident, and about thirty flights were made. That evening, two helicopters urgently took off from Kyiv to the border with Poland.

On the same day, residents of Kyiv and Kyiv region reported an incomprehensible vibration. Some of them even suggested that an earthquake had occurred, but seismologists denied these rumors, assuring that no seismic activity was detected in the capital and the region.

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At the same time, the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko said that the vibration felt by the residents of the capital and the region can be explained by the sound of the transport that delivers weapons to the front.

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2023-06-01 17:21:17
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