Coronavirus, War: «I see no risks of other total closures. But now the Italians download the Immuni app “

In Italy cases increase, Covid departments reopen, intensive care is filling up. Is the epidemic getting out of hand?
“No, it is under control – confirms Ranieri Guerra, WHO deputy director, member of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) – There have been no explosions of cases, it is a slow rise of positive people that does not lead for the moment to blockages in Hospital. The monitoring system gives the possibility to check the situation with precision and promptness and to understand if it gets worse ».

That’s enough?
“All the reopenings were made at intervals of 14 days, according to the incubation times of the virus and following very precisely the recommendations of the WHO, which not surprisingly brings Italy as an example of how to bring back under control a very difficult situation. After each opening follows the verification of the impact on the circulation of the virus and, if positive, it goes on. Each reopening has an implicit risk. Now we await the data of those of schools, nurseries, universities and public employment. These considerations led the CTS to consider the return of the public to the stadiums inappropriate for the moment. Let’s wait at least mid-end October, also considering what is happening in Spain and France ».

What is the most effective weapon?
«Identify the outbreaks immediately to prevent them from reaching such dimensions as to have to resort to lockdown. I don’t really think there is a risk of total closure, but the Italians should give another proof of collaboration ».

“Download theImmune app, the best in Europe, the most guaranteed for privacy. When we order a meal with the internet or buy an item online, then we are identifiable and I don’t understand why we should be afraid of an App that would help fight the epidemic, especially with the arrival of the autumn that will bring with it. itself an inevitable increase in Covid cases that can be confused with ordinary flu “.

Is wearing a mask outdoors sensible?
“Technically outdoors, it wouldn’t help, unless you are in confined and crowded places. However, the variable is individual behavior, and I don’t feel like criticizing an administrator who, knowing his fellow citizens, knows how to protect them. The mask also has a symbolic value of alert ».

Quick swabs at school, are they useful?
«They are a fundamental tool because they allow to intercept the outbreaks immediately and to proceed with isolation. In the midst of the flu season it will be very important to be able to quickly distinguish the flu from Covid also in order not to block the classes “.

Does the quarantine remain for 14 days?
“We are considering the possibility of reducing it to 10 days if a subsequent swab is negative, but for now the recommendation remains that”.

And the isolation?
“Italy has chosen the safest way: the isolation is interrupted when the second buffer is negative. However, this could change if we had an increase in positive cases and therefore difficulty in performing swabs in a timely manner. The clinical criterion that the WHO has validated remains valid and usable, 10 days from diagnosis plus 3 days of complete lack of symptoms “.

September 27, 2020 (change September 27, 2020 | 22:23)


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