Coronavirus: Thinning in New York State

For the first time this month, in New York State, the number of daily deaths linked to Covid 19 fell below 400, less than half of the peak at the height of the coronavirus crisis. Governor Andrew Cuomo says the number of hospitalizations and intubated patients have also declined:

“We returned to the level of March 31, before the number of contamination dramatically increased. We are on the lookout. The big question is: at what rate will this number continue to drop? But above all, will it it keep falling? “

Regarding deconfinement, the governor explained that construction companies and other industries would resume after May 15, but no details regarding craftsmen, small traders and the hotel sector. If not that they will be among the last to take over.

As summer temperatures have brought New Yorkers to parks, Mayor Bill de Blasio hopes to have a clear roadmap on how to revive the city by June 1, which he says could take 20 months.

Across the United States, thousands of Californians are also reclaiming seaside boardwalks and even beaches that have not been closed like Huntington Beach in Orange County.


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