Coronavirus, the mask remains mandatory for outdoor motor activity | No to protection for joggers

The Interior Ministry then explains that whoever does jogging o footing must not wear the mask. By motor activity “we mean the mere walk and not the run, even that carried out for amateur purposes, as it can be traced back to sporting activity. So jogging and jogging can continue to take place without the obligation of a mask”.

The circular also draws attention to possible evasive conduct regarding the suspension of dance activity, outdoors and indoors, provided for by the ordinance of the Ministry of Health, highlighting on the point that any offer of dancing activities by other types of exhibitors (restaurants, bars, pubs, and the like) is also to be considered it is prohibited and subject to penalties.

Finally, the Prefects are reminded that the prohibition for the governors of the Regions to introduce reductive measures with respect to those taken by the government for public health reasons, since their possibility of intervention has been limited to the only restriction compared to when decided on a national scale by Palazzo Chigi and the Ministry of Health.

Interviewed a Half an hour more on Rai 3, Luigi Di Maio spoke about the situation of the pandemic in Italy. “I can say one thing – explained the Foreign Minister -. In February we were absolutely not prepared, we had nothing, not even as a production chain. Now we have a country that can have dysfunctions, but has equipped itself and has shown that it knows how to face the emergency This is a country that must not be too hard on itself terapie intensive are equipped “.

On the vaccine he then added: “I’m not saying we’re on the last mile. Thanks to the agreement with Oxford University, we will have by the end of the year the first doses of the vaccine. From the beginning of next year we will start vaccinations “.


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