Coronavirus: Radiology Polyclinic of Catanzaro, negative swabs the alarm falls

The alarm returns to the Radiology operating unit of Mater Domini Polyclinic of Catanzaro where in recent days a man with symptoms of pneumonia of foreign nationality but residing in the Catanzaro area had passed through for an examination who subsequently tested positive for Covid 19 even if with a low viral load.

The coronavirus swabs performed on all the staff of the department were in fact negative. The doctor who has been in close contact with man or the one who has actually performed the examination at patient then admitted to the Infectious Diseases department of Pugliese-Ciaccio, had ended up in quarantine according to procedure despite having tested negative on the first test.



This morning’s news also the second swab to which the doctor was subjected confirms that he has not contracted Covid 19.

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