Coronavirus August 10. There are 485 thousand infections due to Covid in Mexico; there are 53 thousand deaths

Mexico added, to the cut of this August 10, 53 thousand 3 deaths from Covid-19, with 485 thousand 836 cases of confirmed infections of coronavirus, according to authorities of the Health Secretary.

Jose Luis Alomy, General Director of Epidemiology, detailed in a press conference from the National Palace that there are 79,213 suspected cases, although with 532 thousand 28 accumulated negative cases in the country.

The director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on Monday called on governments and citizens to do everything possible to eliminate the coronavirus transmission that caused almost 750 thousand deaths.

“This week we are expected to reach 20 million registered cases of Covid-19 and 750 thousand deaths. Behind these statistics there is a lot of pain, suffering,” he said in an online press conference.

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* See here the full broadcast of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico, from the National Palace:


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