35 points in 29 minutes, the Suns received six of six

The last unbeaten team in the bubble had the hard task last night to face a very sucked Thunder. The mission seemed complicated, even for a franchise furious at Disney, but fate interfered with the OKC executives’ rest. Synopsis? Chris Paul takes care of his little ones against the evil Devin.

The opening of the NBA evening was made with a two-part game. A start without Deandre Ayton because of a COVID-19 test failed by the pivot yesterday, perhaps because of his invitation to Woj like. In any case, the field was therefore more than free for Devin Booker to carry his team. With his 10 points in the first act, the zigotto is the only one to float with Cam Johnson (11 points in the first quarter) before all the friends get in tune to make up for the delay at the start. Against the Oklahoma Thunders G League? We shouldn’t mess around either. Losing while Andre Roberson takes a shot from the parking lot is almost an achievement as it is rare for Rachel DeMita’s companion to return his shots, but forget the bricks, Dede is now part of the snipers of the League now.

The rest is logical: Phoenix takes the lead just before half-time despite a new good copy of Darius Bazley (22 points). The last two quarters will only be a formality after the 42-27 passed to the second. Devin also continues at his average pace by pushing his opponents with penetrations from all sides. Throws (14/14 on the line), lay-ups of all kinds and even logo shots to compile a total of 35 points at the end of the third session. TTFL records shake then but it will not be… that night that they will fall. End of the evening for him at the end of the third act, which also leaves him time to… post a comment under an Instagram photo of Kendall Jenner. Rascal. Cameron “Equality” Payne then takes care of finishing the hopes of OKC and recalls fondly the memories of the afiocionados of the Chesapeake Energy Arena with an interesting new performance out of the bench.

Devin Booker bewitched the Thunder with his siren song. A face of a kid who has nothing of a child on the floor. Crucifying the Clippers and crushing the entire NBA, so this summer is the laborious daily life of the young back trained in Kentucky. The Arizona Suns drop to 6-0 and are still the Bubble Invincibles, like the Arsenal gunners in 2003-04. The action is soaring in Phoenix, the road to the Playoffs is gradually opening.

box score Suns 10 aout 2020

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