Coronavirus: Another suspected case in Vienna

In Vienna there appears to be another suspected coronavirus case. Wednesday night a woman was with flu-like symptoms The press reports to the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital. That would be the sixth overall suspected case in the state capital.

The woman concerned is said to have been taken to the Fourth Medical Department of the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital. Everyone is in the hospital’s infection and tropical medicine department suspected cases from the metropolitan area Vienna treated. Whether the woman actually deals with that coronavirus infected, should be known in the course of Thursday.

No further information on the patient is available for the time being. It is also not known whether the woman was last in China was.
In the Styria three new suspected coronavirus cases were reported on Wednesday.

The Styrian Hospital Society (KAGes) confirmed media reports that there had been a total of eight suspicions in its hospitals since last week. In five cases there was no all-clear after the tests, in three cases the results of the tests are still awaited.

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