Corona crisis: Merz observes a change in mood among Germans

Germany Corona crisis

Merz observes a change in mood among the Germans

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Saarland constitutional court overturns exit restrictions

In Saarland, the exit restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic must be relaxed immediately. The Constitutional Court decided that.

On Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed with the Prime Ministers how to proceed in the Corona crisis. Friedrich Merz spoke up in advance – and explained what was most important in his view.

Dhe former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz sees a change in mood among the population in the fight against the corona virus. “It can already be seen that the mood in the population is changing,” said the candidate for the CDU party chairmanship to the editorial network Germany. He therefore advocated cautiously relaxing the restrictions on public life. “A gentle loosening now has to be.”

This Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the state premiers want to discuss how to proceed. The federal government has already dampened hopes of far-reaching decisions.

Merkel recently said that the effects of the easing that began on April 20 could only be estimated 14 days later, so that further steps could only be discussed on May 6. Then another federal-state top round is planned.

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Merz urged the federal states to vote more. “The most important thing in my view is that decisions are made as uniformly as possible for all federal states,” he said.

“There are regional differences. But wherever possible, the federal states must move forward together. Otherwise people will go crazy, ”says Merz. Federalism promotes pluralism and broad opinion formation. “But it reaches its limits when it makes arbitrary differences.”

Merz ‘competitor in the fight for the CDU chairmanship Norbert Röttgen warned of too rapid easing. “The urge that there should be loosening now makes it more difficult. If we loosen up too early, we run the risk of things getting out of control, ”Röttgen told the newspaper“ taz ”. At the same time, he campaigned for direct aid payments for EU countries particularly plagued by the pandemic. “The vicious circle of ever increasing debt has to be broken, and that is not possible with loans. These countries need cash in the form of grants. “

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While in large parts of Europe people have to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Swedes can continue to meet for beer, do sports and go to the hairdresser

The German Football League received praise from Merz for its concept of resuming gaming with ghost games. This is “a very balanced concept of how to deal with the situation,” said Merz. Other sports associations should take this as an example.

What the DFL could do, “every other sports association can,” said the Sauerlander, adding: “I would have hoped that maybe even the German Olympic Sports Association would also make cross-sport suggestions on its own, how it could continue in the next few months . Last but not least, it’s about the survival of businesses that also have great socio-political value. ”

You can follow all current developments related to the Corona crisis in our live ticker.

The German Football League hopes to continue the suspended season in May and has presented a health concept for this. On Thursday, Merkel’s deliberations with the Prime Ministers will also discuss the Bundesliga topic.


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