Corona and its fate in Hamm – series on – Today: Joachim Rind

Joachim Rind (60) from Hamm did not notice anything of his infection at first. It was not until the third week that he had severe symptoms. He still feels the aftermath.

Hamm – You can read the current corona case numbers on every day. Behind the numbers for the acutely infected, the new infections, the patients in the hospital and those who have recovered are each real destinies. We therefore want to make the people behind the numbers visible – and we have ten hammers talked about her corona infection and the effects, some of which are still noticeable today. You have been reading her story every day since December 30th on Today is about Joachim Rind:

“There have been moments when I was afraid for my life,” says Joachim Rind. Nevertheless, the 60-year-old decided against hospitalization. “I didn’t want to use a ventilator, and most of the time it wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do next.” Rind, who is not a doctor but trained and worked in a medical profession, trusted his assessment.

The virus was detected in him in early April. Previously, his son, who works in a hospital, had tested positive. The strange thing: Rind’s wife was negative. His conclusion was simple. “She must have had it, because otherwise two positive and one negative tests would not have been possible in one household.” This was to be confirmed later on with the antibody test.

In the third quarantine, Corona had a full impact

Rind initially believed in a mild course, but then the disease hit with a vengeance in the third week of quarantine. “I was powerless, couldn’t pick up a cell phone, had a sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea and the feeling that my chest was in a vice,” he recalls. But Rind wanted to do it on his own. He also does not consult a family doctor otherwise. Aspirin, eucalyptus candy, and mouthwashes would have given him relief.

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After five days, the spook was over. “From one day to the next,” says Rind. His quarantine lasted a total of four weeks. The disease has left its mark on him to this day. “When I walk, I feel powerless faster,” he says. The legs made trouble.

As a convalescent, he would want more attention for himself and all the others. “You hear precious little about the question of immunity,” said Rind. “Nothing comes from the government. I feel like I’ve been sidelined. “

10 corona fates in Hamm – our series:

Claudia Winter (53) is one of the two people from Hamm in whom the coronavirus was first detected. (Part 1)

Franzis Schwarz (78), chairwoman of the city’s senior citizens’ advisory council, found it difficult to climb stairs after being infected with the corona virus. (Part 2)

Reinhild Rabe (53) fell ill in April and suffered from the after-effects of her corona infection for a long time. (Part 3)

More parts follow daily.

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