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Controversy Surrounding Malaysian Sun Bear at Hangzhou Zoo

A Malaysian sun bear (hereafter referred to as the Malay Bear) stands on its feet and waves at the Hangzhou Zoo in China.

Amid allegations that a Malaysian sun bear (hereafter referred to as a Malay bear) at the Hangzhou Zoo in China is a so-called “person wearing a bear’s mask,” criticism has also been raised. On the 4th, PETA, an international animal rights organization, said, “Everyone is obsessed with whether the bears in Chinese zoos are human disguises or real bears, missing the more important question.” It has become a mere spectacle for entertainment.”

In particular, PETA released a related video saying that in the past, circus trainers in China had trained bears by forcing them to walk only on their hind legs for long periods of time. In the video, the baby bear’s neck is tied to the wall with a chain, and it is confirmed that the bear stands on its feet to avoid being strangled. Regarding this, PETA raised suspicion that it is highly likely that the hot topical bear was forced to undergo circus training in the past before coming to the zoo.

▲ A picture of a baby bear being trained to stand on two legs released by PETA

Earlier, when a video of a Malay bear filmed at the Hangzhou Zoo went viral online, rumors of a person wearing a bear’s mask quickly spread. Rather, the zoo posted a picture of the topical bear on its official account, saying, “People think I’m standing like a human, but they don’t seem to understand me.” As if fanning the ‘doll removal controversy’ even more, they are rather enjoying this topic. In fact, after this video, the number of visitors exploded along with global interest, and the zoo is screaming for joy every day.

Afterwards, the zoo said that the bear’s body is similar to that of a large dog, and when it stands on its hind legs, it is about 130 cm tall. However, this claim has not been easily accepted as several zoos in China have been criticized for dyeing dogs to look like wolves or African cats, or coloring donkeys to look like zebras.

As interest and controversy grew like this, some Western media started reporting on the verification of experts to see if the bear was real. Dr. Wong, a famous wildlife biologist in Malaysia and an expert on Malayan bears, said, “When I first encountered the controversy related to the video, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” and concluded, “The bear in the video must be a sun bear.” “I am currently observing 4 sun bears at the research center, but people know very little about sun bears,” he said. Because there is,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Malayan bear, more commonly called the sun bear, is the smallest of the bears, weighing between 25 and 65 kg. Standing on its hind legs, it is only about 130 cm tall, and has an orange or cream-colored round pattern on its chest, giving it the name ‘Sun Bear’.

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