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Considered a wrong step, Qatar has a dire prediction for Europe

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Qatar has said that the energy crisis in Europe will get worse in 2023. This will happen if the Blue Continent really refuses the entry of gas supplies from Russia.

Qatar’s Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi said European maneuvers to find replacement supplies for Russian gas did not appear to be a viable strategy. This is because the gas currently protected may only be sufficient for some time.

“You just don’t have enough volume to carry [masuk]to replace gas in the long run, unless you say ‘I will build [pembangkit] big nuclear, I will allow coal, I will burn fuel oil, “he would say Russia todayWednesday (10/19/2022).


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The European Union (EU) itself has so far reduced Russia’s share of gas in the block mix from around 40% to just 7.5% in seven months. This is an act of the region’s opposition to Russian military action in Ukraine.

Brussels hopes to increase LNG supplies and pipeline imports from Norway and Algeria to completely eliminate Russia’s dependence on energy.

Meanwhile, the surge in demand from Europe in non-Russian regions has also met with resistance from the Asian LNG market. China has ordered the country’s importers not to re-export the excess gas for fear of supply with the arrival of winter.

Kaabi again warned that while the Blue Continent had secured its supplies, next year would be very difficult. The reason is that charging in 2023 will not be like today.

“Next winter, as the storage capacity is full, that’s fine. For next year it will be a problem,” he added.

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