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Connection to long-distance rail transport for the cultural capital of Chemnitz still open

The FDP rejects disproportionate bans on mobility, i.e. a blanket ban on combustion engines as well as diesel or motorcycle driving bans and speed limits. It relies on environmentally friendly technology and alternative fuels. At the same time, it supports the nationwide expansion of fast charging stations for electric vehicles. The Liberals want to enable accompanied car driving from the age of 16 and increase the top speed of mopeds from 45 to 55 km / h. The FDP is questioning the CO2 fleet limit values ​​set by the EU. It is against subsidies such as the purchase bonus for e-cars, but rather wants to promote innovations such as autonomous driving, the high-speed Hyperloop system, drones and air taxis. With the expansion of CO2 emissions trading to the entire transport sector, most of the bans, subsidies and promotional measures to reduce CO2 are no longer applicable. In the case of rail transport, the FDP wants to separate infrastructure and rail operations and privatize operations. The federal government should keep the network. The aim is to transport more people and goods by rail. However, this will not succeed with a state railway, but only with more competition, more digitization and lower train path prices for use. Reliable investments should be made in all transport routes, from rail to road to cycle path. The Liberals want to abolish the aviation tax and curb night flight bans in order to remain competitive. Sea ports and inland waterways are to be expanded. The party wants to expand the transport networks in Europe and better link metropolises, via highways and by rail, with airports and on the water.

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