Confinement. Religious ceremonies again authorized from November 28 in small

“This is not the end of confinement”, specifies François Clavairoly. The president of the Protestant Federation of France. The resumption of religious ceremonies in public is allowed “While respecting barrier gestures”, from Saturday November 28, announced the President of the Republic in his speech, this Tuesday, November 24.

On Monday, during one of the meetings he leads, the French representatives of all faiths agreed on a protocol, presented this Tuesday, November 24 morning to the Defense Council. This five-point protocol requires “The 4 m2 rule”, that is to say a minimum spacing of one meter between two people. It remained to define a gauge. The Conference of Bishops of France recommended to occupy “Up to a third of the space of a church”. In the end, Emmanuel Macron defined a “Strict limit of 30 people” during services.

” Any sense “

On several occasions, Catholics, supported by a handful of bishops, demonstrated in front of churches to demand the “Return from mass”. This very gradual loosening is not going to calm everyone down. Nor the resistance of militant groups. Especially since the Head of State has not indicated whether this limit of 30 people could change between now and the Christmas celebrations. “What priest can afford to choose 30 people from among his parishioners”, reacts the collective Pour la Messe. While the Objectif messe group loose, on its Twitter account: “How can we not see a new humiliation of Catholics in this meaningless decision? “

“National solidarity”

However, “Apart from a few fundamentalist Catholics”, points out François Clavairoly, faced with the virus, believers have, until now, in the majority “Played national solidarity and were able to put aside their interest first. “

Corollary to this relaxation, “The addition of a religious motive” on exit permits has been argued. As “The authorization to bring together prisoners in remand centers to celebrate Christmas”, a specific request from the Protestant Federation. Without forgetting the recovery “Catechesis with children”. On this point, the representatives of the cults argued “The argument that the children were in school”.



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