Concentration of Naples taxi drivers in Piazza del Plebiscito

Concentration of Naples taxi drivers in Piazza del Plebiscito

The Piazza del Plebiscito, in Naples, was invaded yesterday by taxi drivers in protest at the ruin of the sector.

Taxi drivers protested against the anti-covid regulations issued by the government and the Campania region.

The concentration began in the morning, when taxi drivers began to arrive from various parts of the city. The restrictions in the hospitality industry, cinemas and theaters with the closing at 6 in the afternoon, has further sunk the sector, ending the last profit possibilities.

“In the afternoon shifts we are almost always at the stops,” explains a representative of the Ansa taxi drivers. And some express their concern, despite telework and school closings:

“There is a mystery, traffic is always what it used to be.” There are 2,478 active licenses in Naples. “I worked at 50 percent, but the costs for me remained the same. I have endured in the last months, but now, in these conditions, it is not even worth going out anymore: only expenses and zero benefits ”.

The ruin of the sector

Taxi drivers no longer have the resources to pay insurance premiums or simply to fill up on gas.

“In these conditions we will not arrive at the end of November, on the contrary we will last only two weeks” say the taxi drivers.

Another issue at the center of the dispute: illegal activity. Hundreds of unlicensed drivers who practice the profession, spread their contact, offer a service even at lower prices. “Now it is unsustainable unfair competition. They don’t pay anything ”, the protesters denounced.

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Meanwhile, the government announces the disbursements of the aid in 10 days. In addition to compensation for atypical, seasonal, and entertainment workers, a measure to support taxi drivers is being studied.

Layoffs have been expanded.

“We are doing everything possible to be fast and not leave anyone out,” said Laura Castelli, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance. This money comes from the recovery of resources that we are reprogramming: it is a figure of approximately 4,500 million ”.

Concentration of Naples taxi drivers in Piazza del Plebiscito

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