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Communists from Ecuador and Mexico condemn embassy raid

Quito. The Communist Parties of Ecuador and Mexico condemned this Tuesday President Daniel Noboa’s order to break into the Mexican embassy, ​​”something unacceptable, violating diplomatic regulations.”

In a joint statement, the political organizations of the two countries positioned themselves “against the emergence of chauvinism and reactionary nationalism that seeks confrontation between both peoples.”

In turn, the Communist Party of Mexico expressed its solidarity with the Ecuadorian movement of the same ideological stance, with the working class, peasants, indigenous peoples, youth and students who face the anti-worker and anti-popular measures of the Noboa government.

Last Friday night, the Ecuadorian National Police stormed the Mexican Embassy in Quito to arrest former Ecuadorian vice president Jorge Glas, who had requested political asylum.

The invasion of the diplomatic headquarters generated rejection from different countries and international organizations, which have expressed their deep concern about what happened.

For its part, Mexico broke diplomatic relations with Ecuador because in the opinion of its authorities it is a violation of sovereignty, the right to asylum and the right of all nations to have protection from their embassies.

The Ecuadorian Executive insisted on justifying the operation before international organizations such as the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

Before this regional bloc, Chancellor Sommerfeld stated that for the government of Ecuador the granting of asylum to Glas is an “illicit act” because judicial proceedings weigh on him, although for many he is a politically persecuted person.

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