College Football: Sooner Schooner crasht bei Oklahoma


Violent crash of football coach

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The Sooner Schooner fell over while playing college
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In the game of Oklahoma against West Virginia, a famous horse-drawn carriage tips over while driving at full speed. The drivers are lucky in misfortune.

This college football touchdown cheer backfired.

In the game between Oklahoma University and West Virginia on Saturday (52:14), the famous “Sooner Schooner”, an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage, was supposed to do a round in the full stadium to cheer a touchdown.

However, the horses ran into a left turn much too quickly, so that the carriage overturned and fell hard to the ground. The horses then only continued with the harness and had to be caught and calmed down. The two handlebars fell hard from over two meters to the ground, fortunately, according to consistent US media reports, both got away without injuries.

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The wooden carriage, however, was significantly damaged and was no longer used during the game.

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