Colruyt, Delhaize, Aldi, Carrefour: this is how the mandatory mask will work in your supermarkets


Several supermarket chains have announced that they will distribute masks free of charge, at least initially, to their customers who do not have them, after the concertation committee’s decision to impose the wearing of masks in shops.

The wearing of the mask will be imposed this Saturday in stores, shopping centers but also cinemas, theaters or conference halls, audiences, places of worship, museums and libraries.

At Colruyt, it is announced that customers who do not have a mask will be “repaired”, during the first week following the introduction of the obligation. The brand says to trust “the sense of responsibility” of customers, especially as the measures already in force are well respected.

Colruyt also believes, like Delhaize, that the requirement to wear the mask in stores provides “welcome clarity”.

For its part, Aldi relies on the civility of customers to respect the wearing of masks. The chain will also distribute free masks this Saturday to customers who do not have them. The masks will however no longer be given from Monday but sold packaged in sets of five or 10.

Finally, Carrefour indicates for its part that a mask will also be offered to its customers who have forgotten it, “and this during this weekend.” “From Monday, customers who have forgotten the mask will be able to buy it in stores,” added the brand.

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