COBIN claims launches action for those affected by “OneCoin” fraud: Millions in investor money secured – repatriation to victims

Large number of people affected in Austria / cross-border cooperation: tailor-made claim enforcement in Germany / goal: money back to investors

Vienna (OTS) The non-profit platform COBIN claims is now giving those affected by the headline-grabbing “OneCoin” fraud orderly access to justice. The aim is for those affected who were in contact with IMS GmbH and made payments to it to get their money back: “In Germany, around €30 million in investor money was seized in the alleged case of fraud,” report the association’s chairman Mag. Oliver Jaindl and Roman Taudes LL.M, the Viennese lawyer specializing in crypto fraud cases and COBIN claims advisory board member, who is cooperating with the Berlin law firm Resch Rechtsanwälte in the case. According to Taudes, countless Austrian investors have also paid into accounts of IMS GmbH and invested in “OneCoin” in this way. As part of the criminal proceedings already pending against the owners of IMS GmbH, these investors could now receive their paid-in money back in full.

Those affected by the obviously fraudulent cryptocurrency structure sales can go to the association’s homepage to register. The campaign is initially aimed at those investors who have paid money to IMS GmbH. The aim is that, in the course of the further activities of the German judiciary, a payment will be made to those affected from sums that have been seized and can be clearly allocated to the persons concerned, without the need for years of civil proceedings.

The association has agreed on various models with the participating law firms from which the injured party can choose when enforcing their legal claims in German criminal proceedings:
– “Tariff model”/legal protection insurance: Invoicing according to the lawyer’s tariff (individual service), possibly on the basis of existing legal protection insurance
– “Litigation financing model”: If the affected investors do not want to or cannot bear the costs of the proceedings themselves, there is the possibility of financing the costs of the proceedings, whereby (only) in the event of success 33% of the money received back remains with the financier.
– “Flat-rate model”: For a reduced legal flat-rate fee of €750 (plus VAT and cash expenses), the claims of the aggrieved investors are asserted in German criminal proceedings and their interests are represented in the upcoming hearings.
Registration for those affected with COBIN claims is free of organizational costs to be paid to the association. Not only those affected from Austria can take part, but also from all other EU countries.

“COBIN claims has always had a focus on investor mass claims. After an action had already been started in the alleged Viennese million-dollar fraud case ‘DaVinci’, this is now the second action of the association, which deals with the new phenomenon of investor damage by means of cryptocurrencies. As an association, we expect that the turbulence on the crypto markets will lead to further claims,” ​​says Jaindl.

In the “OneCoin” case, a kind of “snowball system” was established with a structured sales system – problematic per se from a consumer law perspective – in which investors made payments to IMS GmbH, among others. The information on damage ranges from 88 million to billions of euros. In Germany alone, it is assumed that 60,000 people have been injured – so hundreds, if not thousands, of victims are also to be feared in Austria. The self-proclaimed “crypto queen” and suspected mastermind behind “OneCoin” is still on the run. An international search is being conducted for the lawyer, who, according to the police, is probably armed.

Questions & contact:

Mag. Oliver Jaindl – Chairman of COBIN claims: +43 1 376 00 31 – 100, +43 664 140 55 78
Mag. Roman Taudes, LL.M – Lawyer, Advisory Board (Vienna): +43 1 391 23 45
Jonas Buhmann, LL.M – Lawyer (Berlin): +49 30 88 59 77-0

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