Club World Cup … Al-Ahly Hotel in Doha “It is forbidden to approach or photograph.”

The start of the FIFA Club World Cup 2020, to be held in Qatar from 1 to 11 of next February, is approaching, and the next edition of the FIFA Club World Cup will be held with 6 teams only after announcing the qualification of Al-Duhail, the Qatari representative of the organizing league, immediately after the withdrawal of Auckland City, New Zealand..

He qualified for the World Cup for National Clubs, Bayern Munich, Germany, Al-Duhail, Qatar, Ulsan Hyundai, Korea, and Tigris Onal, Mexico, waiting for the South American champion, whose champion will be decided on the 30th of this month..

Club World Cup 2020

The number of FIFA Club World Cup matches was reduced to 7 instead of 8, where the second round is played from two matches and then the semi-final round, and one match is played in the final, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth..

According to a FIFA statement, Auckland City club may escape the penalty of withdrawal, as the International Federation stated in its statement that the New Zealand authorities have stopped the efforts of their country’s association and the Oceania Football Association due to restrictions that exceeded its jurisdiction.

Club World Cup 2020

Dr. Mohamed Shawky, head of the Al-Ahly club’s medical committee, revealed that the Red Castle mission will undergo a medical examination at Cairo Airport before traveling to Qatar to participate in the World Cup clubs.

Shawky talked about the details of the meeting of Al-Ahly officials with officials of the International Federation regarding the FIFA Club World Cup, to be held in Qatar next February..

The head of the Al-Ahly Medical Committee stated that the team’s mission will not leave the rooms upon arrival in Qatar except after 12 hours, until a second medical scan is performed..

Club World Cup 2020

Mohamed Shawky said, “Al-Ahly’s residence hotel in Qatar will not receive any guests from outside, and the mission will be subject to daily medical follow-up until the start of the World Cup.”“. He added: “Al-Ahly players who have been infected with Corona in the past period will undergo a heart resonance rays before traveling to Doha.”“.

The head of the medical committee of the Al-Ahly club spoke about the capsule system, saying: “It is a complete encapsulation of the place where the mission resides and no one leaves it until the end of the tournament, and it guarantees the safety of all Al-Ahly members, and it will be applied during the tournament“.

Club World Cup 2020

And Mohamed Shawky added, “No person is allowed to enter the venue for training the team or match except for the numbers allowed, and there are strict precautionary measures that are applied during the Club World Cup in Qatar, and FIFA has requested medical reports for all members of the mission that will be present in Qatar for the tournament daily before its launch. 15 days“.

Muhammad Shawky explained that “30% of the stadium capacity will be allowed to be attended by residents of Qatar only, and Al-Ahly fans outside Qatar will not be allowed to be present in the stadiums.”“.

He added, “If a player is infected with the Corona virus, he will be isolated and another swab done before he is removed from the team, and every team is allowed to substitute even 24 hours before the first match, but for convincing reasons.”


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