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Close GGD Hollands Midden starts home visit during pregnancy

The midwife and maternity care check with the pregnant women whether everything is going well. They support pregnant women in all kinds of areas, but sometimes there is more help. Sometimes they can’t help when it comes to topics that might be playing right now or when the baby will be here. In that case, a home visit by a youth nurse can be used. This youth nurse is also the person who sees the parent(s) when the baby is born. After the birth of the baby, the consultation bureau takes over the supervision.

A home visit is preferred, but at the request of the pregnant woman an appointment can also be made at the Center for Youth and Family or the midwife.

In principle, the home visit is a one-off contact to map out the care needs of the pregnant woman and, if necessary, to draw up a support plan. This plan can focus on support and advice from the JGZ, but also refer to other care services.

The expectant parent registers herself, the midwife (or other care provider) registers together with the expectant parent, or the midwife registers the expectant parent with permission.

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