President of the World Federation of Mental Health: I got treated for Corona in Egypt … and the doctors dealt with honor

Mona Zidan

Posted on: Friday 21 August 2020 – 6:54 PM | Last update: Friday, August 21, 2020 – 6:54 PM

Dr. Nasser Loza, President-elect of the World Federation of Mental Health, said that he received treatment for the new Corona virus in hospitals in Egypt, until recovery, and received a one-month home isolation period.

This came at a press conference for the Chest Diseases Committee, in the presence of the Minister of Health and Population Dr. Hala Zayed, and the Scientific Committee for the emerging corona virus, to present Egypt’s experience with the emerging corona virus.

Loza added that he personally saw the treatment of doctors and nurses inside hospitals, describing it as an “honorable thing”, pointing to the success of Egypt’s experience with the emerging corona virus, which is something we are proud of globally.

He stressed that the emergence of the Corona virus caused citizens a shock and began to deal with it incorrectly through fear and terror from infection with it, avoiding those infected with it and boycotting them, and this is what has been worked to solve among citizens.

Loza pointed out that exposure to the emerging corona virus is through 3 things, work and direct mixing at work, or the presence of a medical history in the family, or the person suffers from health problems.

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