(Clip) Aunt Nek Live organizes for fans of a dumb lucky number, lottery tickets, to show off the car registration on the expressway

Do not really miss even closer to the lottery. Lucky numberFamous numbers from various locations Whether it is a temple A sacred place where people respect for good fortune or from the number plate of an important event. By today, lottery fans get a lucky number to try their luck after a famous host Aunt Nek Kettsawat Palkawong Na Ayudhya suffered a car that was being used to travel on the expressway. Therefore, the live broadcast asked for help among netizens to advise and encourage until receiving assistance from the staff. This event does not matter, the fans ask for the registration of the car, Nek, therefore, arrange for both the damaged car and the car of the staff who come to help to make a fortune in this draw.


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