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Classified Ads for Musicians and Music Professionals


Purchase/sale announcements

To sell or search for an instrument, a concert ticket, a CD, sound equipment, and more…

Musician and group announcements

Announcements to complete your training, set up or join a group…

Music class

Announcements to connect those who offer and those who are looking for singing/instrument lessons…

Composer announcements

Announcements aimed at lyricists, arrangers, and composers of all kinds.

Music professionals

Advertisements to find a turner, a sound engineer or any other entertainment professional.

Plans concert et Jams Sessions

Announcements from organizers looking for a group for a one-off concert, a festival, a springboard… You can also organize and register for meetings (beefs / open stages…) between musicians.

And the others…

For all classified ads that do not fit into the previous categories (premises for rent, etc.)

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