Civic Service Presentation: Ten Themes and Choosing with Knowledge

Civic Service Presentation: Ten Themes and Choosing with Knowledge

The youth information office (BIJ) organized, Saturday afternoon, a presentation session around civic service and its ten themes: culture and leisure, international development and humanitarian action, education for all, environment, crisis intervention, memory and citizenship, health, solidarity, sport and European citizenship.

“I will choose knowingly”

Some young people were present during this information meeting, led by Céline and Valérie, two BIJ facilitators: “Civic service is a mission of two to twelve months, and not a job. The young person receives compensation and not a salary. The amount of this compensation is €609. This is an opportunity offered to young people once in their life. We advise them to think carefully and choose the sector of their future mission. »

Among these young people who came to find out on Saturday, Leslia Pichereau, 22 years old, accompanied by her mother Sandrine, and Margaux Sergent, 20 years old, accompanied by her mother Christelle. Both came to listen to the advice of the facilitators

After a BTS in development, animation of rural territories (DATR) at the Franz-Stock high school in Mignières, Leslia wishes to devote time to civic service: “I recently welcomed a young Brazilian into my home, who is doing international volunteer civic service . It made me want to do it too. I am focused on the events sectors, sustainable development and the environment. »

As for Margaux, who holds a BTS in human resources at the Silvia-Monfort high school in Luisant, she has not yet determined the sector in which to work for her future civic service: “I’m thinking at the moment. I will discover all these sectors where it is possible to do a mission and then I will choose with full knowledge of the facts. »

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