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Cinema in 2024: The Future of Movie Theaters and Blockbusters

Cinema faces a pivotal year. 2024 will be confirmation of whether the recovery seen in 2023 was just an illusion or if people have gotten off their couches and left the platforms to return to movie theaters. The consequences of the strike will be noticeable, there are blockbusters that have delayed their dates and the big franchises have rearranged their pieces so as not to step on each other. When looking at the list of releases for the year that has just begun, one realizes that there are fewer superheroes than other courses. The superheroic fatigue is noticeable, and we will have to see how the few that have maintained their launch work while waiting for the Marvel and DC universes to rearrange themselves for 2025.

The first to arrive will be the stragglers from January and February. That group of films that will be in the awards season or have already been seen in international festivals but that will land in Spain in the first months of the year. On January 12 they will do it The rapture, the thriller by Italian veteran Marco Bellocchio; Maite Alberdi’s documentaryInfinite memory; and the new Wim Wenders, Perfect Days, who represents Japan at the Oscars.

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