Chronology of Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Bus Accident Kills Dozens of People

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia

A fatal accident involving bus containing 25 passengers occurred on Toll KM 712+400 line A Tol Surabaya – Mojokerto, Monday (16/5) morning. The death toll also increased because the victims were seriously injured.

Initially 13 passengers were found dead on the spot, then a few moments later the fatal victim increased by two. Two of the victims died in hospital, and there are still a dozen others who are still being treated for serious injuries.

“A total of 15 people died out of 25 passengers. While we are still collecting data because we focus on the crime scene there, we then dispatched the TAA team from the East Java Police Ditlantas,” said Head of PJR Polda Jatim AKBP Dwi Sumrahadi when confirmed.

He also revealed the alleged chronology of the incident. The accident began when Ardiansyah’s bus with Nopol S 7322 UW was carrying 25 passengers from Benowo, Surabaya, from Jogja to Surabaya this morning.

It is suspected that the bus driver named Ade Firmansyah was traveling at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour in the slow lane. However, when the bus arrived at km 712,200 /A, the vehicle swerved to the left and hit the VMS pole (Variable Message Sign) on the shoulder of the toll road so that it overturned.

The temporary cause is that the bus driver is thought to be tired or sleepy. It is also called a backup driver and not a core driver.

“The cause of the accident is still suspected human error, This backup driver is exhausted or sleepy. So when crossing KM 712,200 it wobbled and then when 712,400 hit a billboard,” said Dwi Sumrahadi.

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In that incident, 13 passengers died on the spot, and then two other passengers died in hospital. While dozens of others suffered serious injuries.

“We evacuated the seriously injured victims to Petrokimia Gresik Hospital, Citra Medika Hospital, then Mojokerto City EMMA Hospital. Those who died you evacuated to Wahidin Soediro Husodo Hospital Mojokerto, then Sakinah Mojokerto Hospital,” he said.

“We may inform the victim’s family if the data is valid. We will contact the victim’s family later,” added Dwi Sumrahadi.


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