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Chinese Super League Champion Coach Javier Leaves Harbor Due to Low Emotional Intelligence: A Detailed Analysis

Original title: Depth – Why the Chinese Super League champion coach cannot renew his contract. His low emotional intelligence has caused conflicts many times.

On the evening of December 14th, Beijing time, Shanghai Haigang, the champion of the 2023 Chinese Super League, suddenly issued an announcement, announcing that it would not renew the contract with the head coach Javier who led the team to the championship. Javier will leave automatically when his contract expires. In fact, it is not surprising that Javier was unable to complete the contract extension. From being eliminated by the Thai team Pathum United in the AFC Champions League qualifying round to the final stage of the league, the Harbor team’s overall performance was sluggish, and perhaps the seeds for Javier’s dismissal had already been laid. Foreshadowing. In the opinion of insiders, Javier certainly contributed to the Harbor team’s final victory, but the fundamental reason lies in the overall strength of the team. If the team wants to develop better next season, it must choose a head coach who is more suitable for its own characteristics to lead the team.

Harbor still gave Javier a relatively high evaluation in the announcement, believing that the Spaniard “always maintained a high sense of responsibility and professionalism” during his tenure as coach, and expressed heartfelt thanks to Javier for his contribution to the club.

After Lecco was dismissed from get out of class last season, Harbor believed that its technical and tactical style was more in line with Spanish football, so it made Spanish coaches the focus of the club’s selection. However, the selection process did not go smoothly. Several candidates who were originally optimistic about it were replaced by Spanish coaches. Problems of one kind or another occurred at the last moment, and in the end, there was no chance to sign the contract. It was not until February this year, after the Henan team terminated Javier’s contract, that the Harbor team chose to sign with Javier in a hurry.

Therefore, both parties in this cooperation have a somewhat “testing the waters” mentality. There were rumors that Javier signed a 1+1 contract with Haigang, but in fact, according to Sohu Sports, the official contract signed between the two parties The contract is only for one year. Strictly speaking, Javier is not dismissed from get out of class, but his contract will not be renewed.

Javier was mentally prepared for not being able to renew with Harbor, but after finally completing his goal of winning the league, he still had a glimmer of hope, hoping that this championship trophy would add weight to his contract renewal. After finally learning that Seaport would not renew his contract, Javier, who lives in New York, posted this on his personal social media: “If you want everyone to be happy, don’t be a leader. Just go sell ice cream.” The resentment was palpable.

It was a major flaw that I decided not to renew the contract.

In fact, as early as the middle of the season, Javier rang the dismissal bell twice. However, the team had a relatively large points lead in the league. Harbor Club chose to focus on stability and did not want the team to fall into turmoil, hoping that things would go smoothly. Successfully won the league championship.

One time was when they were eliminated by Pathum United in the knockout rounds of the AFC Champions League. They were actually unable to enter the AFC Champions League, which had triggered the termination clause in Javier’s contract. The other time was the 1-3 away defeat to Henan in the league on August 25. As the points lead was constantly being eroded, Haigang was already involved in internal and external troubles at that time. The club held a meeting after the game to formally discuss whether to dismiss Javier. The conclusion is that if Javier is given an opportunity to adjust in the last game, if he cannot win the home game against Changchun Yatai, Javier will be dismissed on the spot.

The subsequent international window came to Javier’s rescue, with a two-week break in the league giving the Harbor team a breather. In the end, in the key battle on September 15, the Harbor team defeated Changchun Yatai 2-0, and Javier was able to continue to take charge.

Judging from the overall performance this season, it should be said that Javier’s coaching has its own advantages. For example, he feels good about on-the-spot command, his substitutions are decisive, and in many cases it can have immediate effects. Several veterans have also rejuvenated under Javier, and the overall competitive state is good.

However, in at least three aspects, Javier’s coaching ability failed to satisfy the Harbor management, which also led to his final departure. The first thing to bear the brunt is the problem of lineup rotation. Haigang has a large lineup and strong strength, but Javier has basically used one lineup to conquer the world throughout the season, and cannot carry out healthy personnel rotation. As a result, in the final stage of the league, the main players are exhausted and the overall tactics cannot be executed. , the team almost fell into a double-line defeat.

The aging problem of the Harbor team is obvious to all. In the past two seasons, the club also hopes to successfully complete the metabolism and give young players more opportunities to perform. In the two seasons led by Lecco, Mesozoic players such as Li Shenyuan, Zhang Huachen, Yang Shiyuan, and young players such as Liu Zhurun ​​got more playing time. However, after Javier took over, Li Shenyuan and others had very few playing opportunities, and the team returned to the previous situation. “Chongming Phase I” is in a state of conquering the world.

Reducing the lineup next season will be an important goal for Harbor. In this case, Javier’s employment habits and the courage to tap young players are obviously no longer suitable for the team’s future development.

Low emotional intelligence has repeatedly caused conflicts within the team

In terms of the use of players, Javier is too casual. For example, center Li Shenglong had almost no chance to perform in the first half of the season. The team fell behind. Javier would rather replace center back He Gui as a guest center than give Li Shenglong a chance. After Li Shenglong scored in the FA Cup, he immediately became Javier’s favorite.

For example, Wei Zhen, who once served as the main central defender of the national team, found it difficult to find opportunities to play when he returned to the harbor. Even if he was arranged to play, Wei Zhen was asked to play as a midfielder, and Wei Zhen made it clear that he would not play this position at all. .

It is precisely because the employment of personnel is too casual and lacks persuasiveness, which has also caused many conflicts within the team. Harbor has repeatedly experienced “internal strife” this season. Vargas and Javier even almost got into a fight on the sidelines. After Cuarón was replaced, he kicked the bucket angrily to express dissatisfaction. In an interview with Austrian media, center Pinko also made it clear that he was “confused” about his situation.

In addition, a local international player had a physical conflict with Javier while preparing for an away game, and was later persuaded by the staff to leave. This player also disappeared from the 23-person registration list in subsequent rounds of league games.

These problems not only make the players unhappy, but also the club management. On the one hand, they want to appease the players’ emotions and try to minimize major problems. On the other hand, they have to take care of the head coach’s face and dignity. Off the court, some of Javier’s actions in his personal life are too high-profile, which will inevitably lead to criticism from the outside world.

Harbor has always adopted a head coach responsibility system in management, giving absolute support and a high degree of cooperation to the head coach’s work. However, Javier’s low emotional intelligence puts this originally scientific management model at risk of complete collapse.Return to Sohu to see more

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