China will soon have a third aircraft carrier, much more sophisticated and large

BEIJING, – China predicted to launch aircraft carrier all three are larger with more sophisticated technology by the end of this year at the earliest.

This development will further raise concerns United States of America ( AS) about the Chinese Navy’s aggressive modernization activities as well as the speed of China‘s shipbuilding.

Newspaper Global Times government-backed Chinese cited a publication Ordnance Industry Science Technology.

The publication states that the photos taken in early September show a significant difference to the design of China‘s newest aircraft carrier.

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After launching its second carrier, Shangdong, China then worked on building a third carrier that was newer and much more capable.

Shandong is the first carrier made domestically. Meanwhile, China‘s first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, imported from Ukraine and continued its development in the country.

Both the Liaoning and Shandong have a bow that is higher than the stern with a design like a ski launcher as reported by The National Interest, Saturday (17/10/2020).

Now, the Chinese Navy is building a bigger, flatter and more modern aircraft carrier.

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On the other hand, China‘s third aircraft carrier will also be equipped with a smooth long-range electromagnetic catapult, similar to the USS Gerald R Ford class aircraft carrier of the United States (US).

Electromagnetic catapults provide a smoother and smoother launch of the aircraft.

In addition, the electromagnetic catapult is much better than the aircraft launcher design with the ski launcher design that the two have aircraft carrier China previous.

Aircraft carrier China‘s third, identified as the Type 002 carrier, reportedly weighs 80,000 tonnes, far more than the 60,000 tonnes weight of China‘s first two carriers.

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Chinese media reported that they will be able to operate more than 40 combat aircraft on its newest carrier

Despite being conventionally powered, in contrast to the US Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the Type 002 will expand China‘s air strike range and power projection capabilities on a global scale.

Global Times reports that the new aircraft carrier will be about 320 meters long, surpassing the 305 meter long Shandong ship.

The pace of China‘s aircraft carrier construction clearly appears to represent the ambition of “Panda” Country to emerge as the world‘s foremost military power in this decade and embrace an expeditionary posture for international operations.

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Without an aircraft carrier alone, jet combat China can easily reach Taiwan and other Southeast Asian targets from the mainland.

With the expansion of the aircraft carrier fleet, China will have more flexibility in increasing its presence in the South China Sea.

Jet fighter owned by China will be very easy as well as fast in providing support if at any time fighting breaks out.

China can arm its future carriers with fighter jets J-15 Flying Shark and will likely add from the fifth-generation J-31 stealth fighter jet.

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