I am not sick, I am healthy again

Paolo Del Debbio he returned to TV, to conduct his talk Obverse and Reverse on Rete 4, visibly lost weight. After a few months off the program in the summer, the 62-year-old conductor returned to the camera with 27 kg less, as he explained in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Denying any hypothesis of who had explained the physical change with a health problem. “I am at an age when the lifestyle was no longer good for my health and I slowly settled down. That’s all”, Del Debbio was very keen to underline.

Del Debbio relied on a doctor’s diet

Paolo Del Debbio he’s fine, he’s in great shape. “Making horns, touching iron in the Italian style and wood in the French way, I’ve never been better”, he explains to the Courier, “I’m not sick, I ate less, I went to a doctor and I lost 27 kilos”. The choice to follow a diet, however, started for health reasons: “I feel less fatigued, looser, I walk lighter and the brain is faster […]. After that, feeling even better about yourself isn’t a bad thing. “ A long diet that gave the conductor a hard test, which began a few days after Easter: “At first, discouragement can set in: the first month and a half was a Korean torture.”

Paolo Del Debbio and the illness in Dritto and Rovescio

Last winter Paolo Del Debbio had been absent for some time from his management in Dritto and Rovescio for a health problem. During the commercial break in an episode he had made it known: “I have a problem with my leg that I thought I could overcome during the bet, but I can’t.” Marcello Vinonuovo had replaced him until the end of the episode. After several checks, Del Debbio confirmed that he was fine and returned to the reins of his talk: “I apologize to my audience, but last time I had a little défaillance”.

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