China puts the first drug in the world to treat Alzheimer’s market

China announced on Sunday the launch of a locally manufactured drug for treatment Alzheimer’s On the market, after 22 years of research efforts.

The Chinese Ocean University, the Shanghai Institute of Medical Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (drug developers) said – at a ceremony held in Beijing on Sunday on this occasion – that the new drug bore the name “Oligomannati GV-971” and was the first of its kind In the world, it was put in Chinese pharmacies on the market in the form of capsules (the package is 3 strips containing 14 capsules of 150 mg capacity) at a price of $ 127 per package.

The developers added that the clinical trials, which were conducted on 1199 people and took place in three phases, that the drug can improve cognition in patients with mild to moderate infections with Alzheimer’s disease..

Xiao Shifu, one of the professors involved in drug development, said in a statement today that the efficacy of treatment is 78%, and that the perception of Alzheimer’s patients has improved greatly, with the drug fighting brain infections that lead to the disease..

Alzheimer’s is a mental disorder that develops irreversibly and gradually destroys memory, the ability to think and the ability to do simple tasks, and 48 million people worldwide suffer from this disease, while the number increases with the aging of the population..

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