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Special- Amr Diab presents a surprise to the public in early 2020

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Posted Date: Sunday, December 29, 2019 – 15:49 | Last update: Sunday, December 29, 2019 – 16:51

Artist Amr Diab is preparing to launch a new artwork within hours, to celebrate by 2020.

FilFan.com learned that Amr Diab is putting the finishing touches on a new song that was recorded a few days ago, as a gift from him to his fans at the beginning of 2020.

The new song is one of the songs of Amr Diab’s album “I am not”, but it will be released with the first hours of 2020, to be released at the end of next January, and all details will be announced through the “Vodafone” company, which owns the rights to marketing the album To its customers.

It is reported that Amr Diab has released 7 songs so far from the album “I Am Ghair”, which is his plan to release the album at intervals, which are “Bahba”, “I Am Ghair”, “Yom Talat”, “Tahairak” and “Mutagher”, ” In front of her mirror “and” the first day in the distance “.

On the other hand, the artist Amr Diab announced the details of his upcoming concert, which he will celebrate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Amr Diab, via his Instagram account, posted the poster of the ceremony, commenting, “With you directly, at the upcoming concert in Jeddah, on January 9th in Laylaty Hall.”

Amr diab

On the other hand, the artist Amr Diab performed a concert, on Sunday, December 22, at the closing ceremony of the “Middle Best” festival, within the activities of the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a number of artists appeared on the stage during the ceremony, among them the composer Amr Mustafa, and artist Akram Hosni.

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