China finds first death from COVID-19 in eight months

China reported one death from the novel coronavirus on Thursday, the first in eight months as the country fights to keep cases from returning. Another round And prepare to welcome a panel of experts from the World Health Organization

China, which can control the COVID-19 virus Mostly After using intensive lockdown measures Group testing and travel restrictions But in the past few weeks The number of infected has returned. Especially in the north of the country

The National Health Commission reported Thursday found one death, the first in eight months and 138 new infections were found, the highest daily number since March. Last

No deaths from COVID 19 were reported. In mainland China since May last year And now the official cumulative death toll of China is 4,635 out of 87,706 people infected.

Health officials gave no details of the most recent deaths. By simply saying that it happened in Hebei Province Territories governed by the government, many cities are subject to lockdown measures.

Last week The authorities conducted group testing and suspended the transportation system. Closed schools and shops in Shijiazhuang. The capital city of Hebei Province. Which is the center of the latest outbreak

At the town of Sing Tai Adjacent and with a population of 7 million, it has been under lockdown since Friday (Jan. 8), as well as Langfang, with a population of 5 million.

The province of Heilongjiang. In northeastern China Announced a state of emergency on Wednesday (Jan 13) urging 37.5 million people to not leave the county. Unless absolutely necessary

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The latest victim’s death It took place while China welcomed a group of experts from the World Health Organization. To initiate a politically sensitive investigation Finding the Root of the Covid-19 Plague It is expected that 10 experts will arrive in Wuhan. On Thursday (Jan. 14)

(Source: AFP)


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