Work in! Police sword guard at screening checkpoint, infected with COVID, orders entire police station to detect infection

Shocked at the sword police station, the police watched the COVID checkpoint after carrying out duties to intercept foreign workers from the Samut Sakhon area spilling into the inner city. Order every policeman to inspect the disease

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On January 14, 2021 the news report said that When last evening Police Lieutenant Colonel Lertsak Kheamsap, Police Commissioner, Tha Kham Police Station Issuing a memorandum of information notifying all police officers in the subordinates to know and practice No. 0015. (B.N. 9) 5 cases. .43 in front of the inbound PTT Rama 2 pump, which is classified as high-risk, received a test for COVID-19 At the Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital, results showed that the COVID-19 virus was found.

For the welfare of police officers and their families, they comply with measures to prevent COVID-19 risk. Therefore, all police officers under the Tha Kham Police Station were tested for COVID-19 infection. During 13-14 Jan 2021 at Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital From this time onwards, finish it quickly.

The reporter reported that The duty of police officers infected with COVID-19 has been a preventive and control work for the movement of migrant workers from Samut Sakhon province since the news of a new coronavirus outbreak. In front of the PTT Rama 2 pump, it is the first line to be established in accordance with the order of the Prevention and Response Committee on the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. Bangkok Since 20 Dec 2020 ago

Its main function is to deter migrant workers from Samut Sakhon and suspected persons who may have escaped the infection in the inner Bangkok area.

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