China faces energy crisis: factories are closed

China has problems with electricity

Some provincial governments are limiting electricity consumption. Its production is also decreasing due to expensive energy sources.

In the northern regions of China, due to a lack of electricity, power outages began for the population, some factories have suspended work, reports Bloomberg.

As writes Reutersin particular, the supply companies Apple and Tesla have stopped.

This situation has developed, on the one hand, due to the measures taken by the authorities to reduce emissions in order to improve the environmental situation. Another factor was the high cost of energy resources – coal and gas.

It is noted that two large Taiwanese chipmakers have said their Chinese facilities are operating as usual. But Apple’s supplier Unimicron Technology said its three subsidiaries in China had ceased production from September 26 to September 30.

IPhone speaker parts supplier Concraft said it would suspend production for five days and use stock to meet demand.

Chip makers United Microelectronics Corp and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world) said their Chinese factories would not be affected.

Previously reported threat energy crisis in Britain due to fire damage to the power cable through which the country receives electricity from France.

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