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Chile confirms the discovery of Ronald Ojeda’s body – 2024-03-07 19:27:58

The Chilean prosecutor at the head of the Team Against Organized Crime (ECOH), Hector Barrosconfirmed this Friday night the discovery in a commune in the south of Santiago of the lifeless body of the former Venezuelan military officer. Ronald Ojedamissing from his home for a week.

According to the authorities, the body was found under a cement block, about 1.4 meters deep, which seems to point to the thesis that the event would be linked to the organized crime environment.

The disappearance and alleged kidnapping of Ojeda, who was arrested in Venezuela after disavowing the Chavista regime in 2017, had sparked controversy in Chile and an agitated political debate fueled by the right and certain media outlets that linked him to politics, and even pointed to the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

«Experiences have been carried out on the body that was found in the afternoon by the PDI (Investigative Police) in this place and finally we can, based on the tests that were carried out, confirm that it corresponds to the remains of the victim, Ronald Ojeda, who had been a victim of kidnapping”said the prosecutor.

“The approximate date of death, according to the doctor, indicates that it is between seven to 10 days. Therefore, it is coincident with the date on which the kidnapping occurred. A body was found buried under a cement structure and the police finally managed to find it inside a suitcase. “It is also being determined who would be the victim of this incident.”detail.

According to the first version that was offered, based on speculation, camera recordings and the discovery of a car with false uniforms, Ojeda would have been taken from his house in the middle of the night, almost naked, by a group of people dressed in PDI uniforms. and taken to an unknown location.

From there, the press pointed to an alleged covert operation by the Venezuelan secret services, which would have infiltrated the country and taken Ojeda, a former military man little known in Venezuela, to prison from which he would have escaped.

A version that was soon echoed by the Chilean opposition, which began to ask the Government for explanations, and which even went so far as to Caracaswhere it was mockingly denied by Venezuelan officials.

The President’s Government Gabriel Boric He never encouraged these theories, he insisted that an investigation had been initiated and that, although it was progressing, it could not be reported as it was secret.

For this crime, a 17-year-old Venezuelan is currently detained, who is in Chile as an irregular citizen, while two other arrest warrants were also issued against suspects of participating in it.

The young man will go to the mandatory detention control hearing this Saturday for an alleged crime of kidnapping resulting in death. EFE (I)

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