Chicharito: I have not retired from the Mexican National Team; other players have endured a bad season

Los Angeles California.- In an interview with Marc Crosa, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández assured that he has not withdrawn from the Mexican team And he added that other players who had a bad season were put up with it, but not him.

Questioned by Marc Crosas about whether the Mexican National Team is among his objectives, ‘Chicharito’ clarified that he has not retired.

I have not retired from the National Team, the day I don’t want to go to a National Team, I’m going to retire ”, declared ‘Chicharito’.

The LA Galaxy footballer reiterated that the day he no longer wants to be called up to the Mexican National Team, he will announce his retirement or when he decides to retire, the coach will know.

At the end of the day, I’m not closed, I also know that last season was really cool … for me. There have been other players who have had a bad season and have put up with them; for me, I just had a bad season and they couldn’t hold me, I’m not saying it for the coach himself, I say it in general, ”added ‘Chicharito’.

The LA Galaxy footballer assured that he hopes to continue going to the Mexican National Team, doing whatever is in his power.

‘I forgot about myself,’ says Chicharito

Chicharito mentioned that, during last season, he forgot about him as a person and was also not listened to.

You could say that I betrayed myself. Right now I feel very connected to myself. I am working on many aspects, I am encompassing much more than what people were judging me before. I have my two children, I am working on the emotional day and night, “he said.

‘Chicharito’ Hernández assured that he is working with the people he hired to be able to raise his level and now he has a passion for playing soccer.

Last year things beat me, I was human and they beat me, I couldn’t. I’ve been out of a team in Mexico for eleven years and if you count the Mexican National Team, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, West Ham, Sevilla and LA Galaxy, and only one cost me work. Out of eight teams, I couldn’t in one ”, he declared.

The 2021 MLS season for LA Galaxy begins next Sunday, April 18 and the team where ‘Chicharito’ plays will play against Miami Inter. In the last preparation game, LA Galaxy lost 1-0 to Sporting Kansas

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