Chiariello’s editorial: “Insigne’s goal weighs like a boulder”

In the course of ‘Campania Sport‘ on Channel 21, the journalist Umberto Chiariello commented in his editorial the defeat of Napoli against Juvetus: “Napoli comes out defeated but does not come out reduced. I have to say that I don’t mind Napoli at all. In the first half Juve deserved the advantage, but Napoli were there and in the second half they conceded their second goal just as they dominated the game. Match refereed badly by Mariani, assisted even worse by a Carneade at the Var like Di Paolo who lost two sensational penalties. One on Chiesa, who is even if he leaves the field is always to be considered in the game by regulation, and the other sesquipedale on Zielinski, there is no reason in the world not to call the clear and obvious mistake.

Beyond this, Napoli was there today and paid for serious defensive errors: the attacker comes off and the defender remains there and does not follow him, in the penalty area the attacker marks himself. In the second half Gattuso tried to shuffle the cards and risked a lot. He took out the only matchmaker, Demme, to play with all the best together. Unfortunately, it must be said that tonight the most important player of this Napoli has failed, a real ghost, Mertens who has not touched the ball. The entry of Osimhen gave a lot of nerve to this Napoli, which in the end if they did not equalize it was due to a miracle by De Ligt who opposed, at the last minute, a shot by the Nigerian who would have entered. But Insigne’s 2-1, who once again showed the personality of a captain by scoring a penalty that for him against Juve is always a problem, opens the race with Juve because of the direct clashes.

Tonight I don’t feel like criticizing Gattuso, the team proves to be there and to fight. The game was nice and fast, but the technical rate was decisive in the end. People like Ronaldo, Chiesa, Cuadrado and Dybala played a game that saw Napoli as an excellent co-protagonist. I am happy with the Napoli that I have seen and I think the race is long. Meanwhile, that penalty can weigh like a boulder, Napoli could reach equal points and be in the Champions League. If one thing could have weighed in this match it was continuity, and in my opinion Napoli finally found it”.

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