Tsekalo’s wife in a transparent swimsuit was photographed at the waterfall

The young wife of producer Alexander Tsekalo is in amazing shape.

Darina Erwin. Photo: instagram.com/darina.ervin/

The young Kazakh wife of producer Alexander Tsekalo, artist Darina Ervin on Instagram, delighted her subscribers with another beautiful photo that can literally go crazy.

The picture shows a girl standing near a waterfall. At the same time, you can see a flesh-colored swimsuit on her, which is slightly translucent. The artist smiles at an unknown photographer. She just glows with happiness.

“Don’t chase,” she signed the photo.

“Aphrodite”, “Did anyone see the waterfall besides me? By the way, he is also very handsome “,” The ideal of femininity and unearthly beauty, “- noted in the comments of the users.

Recall that a few years ago, Alexander Tsekalo and Darina Ervin played a magnificent wedding. The artist is 30 years younger than her husband. The family lives in Miami. They have no common children yet.

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