Chemical Convergence Test, Opening of Gimpo Branch in Gyeonggi Province

[이데일리 문승관 기자] The Korea Institute of Chemical Convergence Testing (KTR) announced on the 7th that it opened the Gimpo branch in Gyeonggi on the 5th.

KTR’s Gimpo Branch provides test and certification services essential for product launch to SMEs in Gimpo, Goyang, Paju, Ganghwa, and northwestern Seoul, as well as providing overseas certification agencies for export companies and consulting for companies experiencing technical difficulties. Takes on the role of a company’s proximity support organization.

Along with this, local companies can participate in government support services such as SMEs, Gyeonggi Technopark, etc., overseas standard certification acquisition support projects, research equipment joint use projects, SME difficulties technical support, and industry-academia research projects through KTR.

KTR will absorb and integrate the existing Seoul support from Yeongdeungpo into Gimpo support as it is possible to provide near-distance support to companies in the western part of Seoul with the opening of Gimpo Support.

KTR Director Kwon Oh-jeong said, “With the opening of the Gimpo Branch, we can reduce the inconvenience that small and medium-sized businesses in Gimpo and western Gyeonggi have to go far away.” .

Director Kwon Oh-jeong (second from the left) is taking a photo to commemorate the opening of Gyeonggi West Support (Gimpo) with executives and employees on the 5th. (Photo = KTR)


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