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Taking advantage of the new year, I just bought the Nintendo Switch console, the hottest topic, but don’t know which games to play?Foreign mediaThe Verge The editorial team recently recommended a list of ten must-play games for novice Switch players. From the rich lineup of games, they carefully selected the well-known works that the editorial team likes most and are most suitable for daily play, and listed the reasons for recommendation. , May wish to refer to it.

With the uninhabited island as the theme of the game, the main theme is “Collection!” “Animal Crossing Friends Club”, this game has been highly discussed by Switch players since its launch last year. It combines the gameplay of animal residents and social interaction elements, plus the rich content and diversified custom tools that are updated seasonally. It also brings more depth and texture to this game.

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“Assemble! “Animal Crossing Friends”, this game has been highly discussed by the majority of Switch players since its launch last year, and is the first choice for novice players (photographed on Nintendo official website)

World Games 51”, suitable for multiplayer fun, was released on June 5 last year. It provides a collection of up to 51 classic games from all over the world, including: “Flowers” and “Backgammon” , “Othello”, “Checkers”, “Big Regal”, “Dominoes”, “Quick Solitaire”, “Rabbit and Hound”, “Blackjack”, etc. In addition to playing the Switch console as a game board, players can also connect to multiple nearby consoles. In addition, it also supports an online play mode to compete with friends or rivals around the world.

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“I have coffee, do you have a story?” The highly acclaimed “Coffee Talk” (supports traditional Chinese version), a text adventure game developed by an independent Japanese team, has the characteristics of healing and exploring human nature, allowing many players We are fascinated by it. The player incarnates as a coffee shop owner who only opens at midnight. In addition to being proficient in the brewing methods of all kinds of coffee and beverages, entertaining guests and ordering orders, he also needs to listen to the guests’ thoughts and help relieve their worries. The roles include humans, There are also various unique fantasy races such as orcs and merfolk.

“Super Mario 3D Collection” contains a total of 3 historical 3D Mario game works, including: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. (Picture taken from Nintendo’s official website)

In addition to the above three, there are also seven recommended games, including: the cool action game “Hades”, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, and a suspenseful style of reasoning Puzzle games “Murder by Numbers”, “Pokémon Sword/Shield”, somatosensory interactive “Fitness Ring Adventure”, “Fighting Trio 4”, and last year’s special “Super” to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario Mario 3D Collection.

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