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Check out EVGA’s all-new RTX 4090

A GPU test unit has landed in the hands of YouTuber JayTwoCents

despite the EVGA announced that it would leave the GPU market before the RTX 40 series NVIDIA to be announced, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t get to work with the new generation. One of the manufacturer’s big partners, YouTuber JayTwoCents recently released a video sharing of prototype details model RTX 4090 FTW3 which had been prepared by the company.

The fact that the license plate exists shows how much a EVGA decision it was abrupt and appears not to have been the result of planning that had been going on for some time. or hardware the tests have no official markup, a way to prevent it from revealing sensitive details in case it ends up leaking to the public.

However, she has the FTW3 gasket used by the manufacturer on other models and a remarkably compact size for an RTX 4090. This is due to the existence of a new system of efficient and small-sized refrigerators, which, together with a black finish, would ensure a very elegant appearance.

EVGA’s RTX 4090 would have a high quality finish

According to JayTwoCents, although the programmed board was more robust than the RTX 3090 and RTX 3090Ti labeled FTW3, it would not have such an aggressive design or aimed at the aesthetics of the player. He also claims that the model is surprising for the rigidity of its structure and finishes that prevented it from bending due to their high weight.

The YouTuber also explains that, unlike other models, EVGA’s RTX 4090 would feature a 16-pin power connector on the back. While this may offer users more convenience, the solution would also force them to have more space available in the front of the enclosures to handle cable management.

Even if it is a prototype, the card is fully functional, although it is running on a still incomplete vBIOS, which makes overclocking and other advanced adjustments difficult. Known as one of NVIDIA’s oldest partners, EVGA would have given up on the GPU market due to relationship problems with the producer and the low profit margins it has recorded in recent years.

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