“Charlène wanted Albert to also have illegitimate children…

Princess Charlène (43) is said to have urged Prince Albert of Monaco (63) to see his two illegitimate children more often. A source at People magazine refutes rumors that Charlène would not want her husband to spend time with his other children.

In addition to his children with Charlène, the twins Gabriella and Jacques (6), Albert also has children with other women. The Monegasque prince is the father of 29-year-old Jazmin Grace and he also has an illegitimate son, 18-year-old Alexandre.

In 2014 Charlène gave birth to twins, but Albert also acknowledged two illegitimate children.

Photo: AFP

Albert saw his two eldest children, whom he only officially recognized about fifteen years ago, sparingly. However, it was Charlène, with whom Albert started a relationship in 2006, who urged her husband to see them more often. “Charlène was really the one trying to get the whole family together,” the source told the magazine.

“She really is a champion for those kids,” the source continues. “I am not saying that Charlène wants to have them around all the time, because there is also some disagreement. But Charlène wanted to make it easy for Alexandre to get along with Albert and she was very encouraging towards Albert to embrace him as a child.”

Marriage Crisis

Albert denied to the same magazine this week that Charlène’s remarkably long stay in South Africa was related to a marital crisis. “She didn’t leave Monaco because she was mad at me or anyone.”

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Last week, the princess was supposed to return to Monaco, but just before that she again suffered from a complication. She even became urgently admitted to hospital. Her condition is stable, the Monegasque court said two days later, although she is still in South Africa. When the return trip to the microstate is now planned is unknown.



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