Characteristics of Mangrove Forests You Should Know

KOMPAS.comMangrove forest is one of the constituents of the ecosystem coast. This forest has special characteristics that are different from other types of ecosystems.

Mangrove forest

According to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, mangrove forest is a typical littoral plant formation on protected tropical and sub-tropical coasts. Plants in this forest grow on alluvial mud soil in coastal areas and river mouths which are influenced by tides.

The mangrove forest area is a hiding place and breeding ground for fish and various small animals in the sea. Not only that, mangroves are a place to stay, a source of food, and a place to grow for small marine animals.

Mangrove forests also have an important function for the environment, namely as a damper sea ​​wave to prevent abrasion, reduce wind, and as a barrier to mud from land so as not to pollute the sea.

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The following is characteristics of mangrove forests What makes this forest different from other ecosystems:

  • The land is inundated with sea water, either continuously or at high tide
  • Get a source of fresh water, either from rivers or groundwater that serves to reduce salinity, increase the supply of nutrients and mud
  • The type of soil is muddy or sandy and contains a lot of coral fragments
  • The ocean currents are not too strong
  • Air temperature fluctuation is not more than 10 degrees Celsius
  • Brackish water with a salinity of 2 to 22 parts per trillion (ppt)
  • Sloping topography
  • Mangrove roots can be submerged in sea water when high tide or exposed to air because it functions to absorb oxygen, either from water or from the air.
  • The types of plants that grow in mangrove forests are special because they have to survive with salt water
  • Mangrove roots are strong because they function as a buffer to withstand waves

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